My name is Eric; welcome to the digital version of my brain. It tends to get crowded in here as I have an insatiable sense of curiosity about everything … all the things. Be it software, games, fitness, nutrition, education, society … I love to ask “Why?” and “How?” I use this site to pose those questions and then perhaps attempt to answer them. I enjoy creating new things and, even more so, taking old things and creating ways for them to work faster, or smarter, or betterer.

By trade, I am a development manager for 360 Cloud Solutions, where we help our clients design, build, customize, and integrate cloud-based software for all of their business needs. There’s more about my professional life in the Work section.

When I’m off the clock, I tend to gravitate towards learning and/or doing something involving exercise, nutrition, or games. These worlds always provide something new to learn and try. The Play section is where I document these adventures.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

(If for any reason you don’t enjoy, simply continue visiting and reading until you do)

// Eric

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