10 Ches 1489

Spent all day preparing the bear. Hide should fetch a nice price. Wizards always interested in bones and teeth and such. Eyes for some reason, too. Kept some meat for myself, but still quite a bit left to sell. Setting o

Wolf came prowling up; must’ve smelled the bear. Scared him off, but it was odd. He behaved differently than most. First, he was alone; wolves never hunt alone. Didn’t immediately run.

In fact, after I yelled, he sat down and stared at me.

I readied an arrow, but for some reason, I decided first to say, “This my kill. Go on. Find your own.”

He tilted his head, then turned and walked off. Did he understand me? Impossible, but that’s what it felt like. Certainly beasts understand simple signals and communications, but not Common.

At any rate, saw no reason to kill him. I’ve plenty of material to sell, and he posed no threat alone.

I set out for Mirabar at dawn.