12 Ches 1489


Came into town on the less fortunate side, as I usually do. Wasn’t long before a Halfling man ran up to me, clearly distraught. Likely approaching everyone who came into town from the Lurkwood.

He was looking for his husband, had been missing for about a tenday. Dots were pretty easy to connect. Uncomfortable conversation ensued, but I had to tell him what I found.

Once I described the basket, he knew, too.

I gave him the cleaned bear hide and as much meat as I thought he could use that wouldn’t spoil. He’s lost much more than I need to gain from this hunt.

Seems to always be the poorest of us that deal with such tragedy so often. We suffer while the wealthy capitalize, while the nobles debate, while the clerics preach. None of them accomplish much, though – at least not in helping the likes of this poor Halfling. Or the downtrodden back in Loudwater. Always trying to rip blood from stones.

That’s why I prefer to trade – even donate – on the poor side of any village I enter. I might make more gold on the wealthier side, but gold doesn’t track beasts. These people need far more help, and are far more grateful for it, than any noble would ever be.

Greed drives all but the poorest folk. Nobles seek only to increase their power and influence. The middling citizens seek to be more like the upper crust of society – more money, larger home, more more more.

The poor seek only to survive, and I intend to help as many as I can to do so.