19 Ches 1489

Spring Equinox. Holy day for many.

I’m not one for superstitions, but the equinox is known for strange and suspicious events; appears this one is no different.

As I was having dinner last night, I noticed a Halfling – garish and obnoxious – winning an extraordinary amount of money off patrons playing dice games with him. When there was no money to give, he had no qualms taking their personal possessions either.

I could not stand for this and confronted him. He was unapologetic. Unfortunately we were interrupted by another Elf and two others. They likely noticed my hunting gear as they immediately addressed me as “Hunter”. Or perhaps they recognized the Emerald Enclave emblems on my quiver.

They informed me of a nearby town of Welton having very strange encounters with wolves of late. Such problem that the town, consisting mostly of shepherds, was in danger of defaulting on their debts and falling short on their quotas to the nearby merchants. Given my history with such guilds, my abilities to quell wildlife threats exactly as this, as well as my duty to the Enclave, I agreed to set out at once.

I cared not for a reward that was mentioned, but this perked up the cheating Halfling right up and he “asked” to follow along. The second Elf would be following as well.

And that is how I came to be traveling with these two: The Halfling, “Chauncey Blythe of Blythe Manor”, and the Elf, Norren.

The Elf is extremely quiet, and when he does speak up, it’s usually with some _very_ bad jokes. He seems kind-hearted enough, though.

The Halfling is a different story altogether. There is something very suspicious about him, and he has already begun referring to us as servants. I will be watching him closely.