20 Ches 1489


We didn’t have to wait long to encounter these wolves of Welton. Few hours from town we happened upon a group of shepherds tending their flock; they came under attack from eight wolves.

The way they surrounded the flock, these were not typical wolves; they were absolutely more intelligent, and they were attempting to drag sheep away alive, rather than simply killing them outright. Their pack tactics were swift, more coordinated than I’ve ever seen.

We were able to fell a couple of them, which scared the remaining off. The shepherds were thankfully uninjured, but they did lose a few sheep and one dog. I made sure to compensate them for their loss.

Chauncey proved himself useful with a crossbow, and Norren was surprisingly fast, and extremely deadly with a quarterstaff. I wonder where he learned to move like that. I asked him on our way in, but he was reluctant to provide any information.

The shepherds told us this has been happening for months. Most recently, the Peterson family had a dozen sheep abducted from within a _locked_ barn. Extremely odd.

The attacks began almost as soon as the town’s Sorcerer, Alexi, disappeared. Not likely a coincidence.

About a month ago, some hunters from town were also ambushed as they tracked the wolves to their den. Only a Halfling survived, and he is still being treated by one Father Merrickson here at the Shepherd’s Crook Inn. We spoke to them both earlier; the Halfling had some troubling reports of the ambush:

> We were overwhelmed by a storm of lightning and fire.

These wolves are being led – controlled? Perhaps this Sorcerer has turned on his home for some reason. Magic has been known to corrupt.

The people in town are understandably on edge, not wanting to leave their homes. This is a much larger threat than I’ve ever seen wolves pose to such a town.

The inn’s proprietor, Leanor Slatebeard, mentioned there is a town council meeting tomorrow. We’ll be in attendance.

Some strange occurrences happened during our fight as well. Some tall grass nearby suddenly erupted with the sound of a bear, but I am certain there was no bear there at all. I had my suspicions, so just before he retired for the night, I confronted Chauncey in his room. He was visibly uncomfortable, and he initially tried to lie his way around the fact that he is a Wizard.

Now I must watch him even closer.