23 Ches 1489

I’ve never been more thankful to need half as much rest as most sentients in the world. With Chauncey, this four hours is the only peace we get all day.

My thoughts strayed back to Argyle throughout tonight’s meditation. Our serendipitous meeting would lead us back to Luskar, where he represented the voice of the Emerald Enclave.

In those days, Luskan was a bustling and thriving port city. It has since been ravaged by the Spellplague, a century ago, and has not recovered. But when I met Argyle there, it was a fascinating place. To the west lay the Sea of Swords stretching as far as the eye could see, and it was beset on the north by the Spine of the World – the “Wall” as the locals called it.

It was here that Argyle would introduce me to the tenets of the Emerald Enclave – and to the focus of my life since then:

Preserve Nature in all her forms.

Control Human expansion.

Magic shall never be used for mass destruction.

This order believed fully in respecting and preserving the natural balance between society and nature. Given what happened to my home in the name of progress and expansion, this always resonated deeply within me – still does today. Argyle and I took to our mission, making quite a team. He would handle the loftier situations involving nobles, political leaders, clergy and the like, spreading our message of peace and balance. I would roam the wilds helping those on the edges of society survive and respect nature – to live in harmony rather than opposition.

I am thankful Argyle did not live to see his home so utterly destroyed by the Spellplague. Even more thankful he lived a long, full life – those seem to be rare for people in a position such as his.

How long have you been gone, brother? Very near two centuries as well, I suppose. I hope you have found peace in the forests of Silvanus.