24 Alturiak 1489

Arrived in a small hamlet. Uneventful travel from the forest. It’s beautiful in the winters this far north, if a bit harsh at times. Not much to speak of here in the way of luxury. A few homes, shops, farms. A tightly woven community on the edge of the wilderness, squeaking out a meager living. I’m right at home here.

Innkeeper needed the pelts for some rugs in his rooms. Local merchant took the meats to dry out.

I’ve a bit more copper and some additional supplies now. Should be plenty to sustain me for another tenday or so. Merchant actually sold me on a whip he’d recently acquired. Not something I thought I’d ever use, but I have some ideas how it might aid my hunts.

I guess I’m trying new things this tenday. Birthdays will do that to an old elf. Or at least they do to this elf.