As I said in my Bio, I am always investigating new things, but my favorites are in the realms of fitness, nutrition, and video games. Even as I write them together on the page, I realize just how juxtaposed these interests are, and I really like it that way.

Fitness and Nutrition

Athletics were my first love, but unfortunately after high school, it becomes increasingly difficult to compete on the football team, baseball team, or any other team for an overwhelming amount of different reasons. Since then, I’ve channeled the passion for sports into learning as much as I can about athletic training and nutrition. I do my best to apply this knowledge at CrossFit Forever Strong, where I’m continually amazed at some of the cool shit people can do.

I believe that a huge barrier to entry into a healthier lifestyle for most people is simply a matter of education. Many of us don’t know enough about what to eat or how to exercise to make an effective plan for ourselves, and so we don’t. But with the right knowledge and motivation, ANYONE can do incredible things with his or her body. Look no further than Chris and Heidi Powell’s clients for proof. Those two do the most incredible, inspirational work I’ve ever seen.


As athletics were my first love, video games came in a close second. Technology in general has always fascinated me, and video games bring together the absolute best in many different technologies. Though I prefer using the pen and paper over my voice, I have always been a story-teller at heart. Books, television, and movies give us amazing stories where we can follow the characters and be a fly on the wall during their adventures. Games, however, give us the even more satisfying opportunity to take control of those characters and weave our own tales within the fabric of the designer’s environment.

The advent of the internet, as it did with so many other aspects of life, gave games the means to explode into the mainstream. The online multiplayer arena has given us gamers the chance to create entirely new experiences and join with other like-minded players as we do so.

I help to run one such community, the Black Sh33p – a small but fantastic group of gamers focused mostly on ARMA 3, a military simulation. The greatest part of ARMA is the ability for us as players to create our own missions, modify the game as we see fit, and add new content to the game such that it has the potential to become entirely different from the game that was originally purchased. As with any group, we have a variety of talented individuals, from mission creators to graphic designers to movie producers that together create a hugely rewarding and rich experience. Thanks, Internet!

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