Nothing to be Ashamed of…

Just a brief thought on motivation, goals, and perception.

The gym that my fiancé and I attend posts a public board of quarterly goals. Recently, she mentioned that she’d like to be able to “do pullups before the wedding,” which is at the beginning of 2015. Being the helpful and caring fiancé that I am, I decided to help provide motivation by signing her up on that board for one strict pullup by the end of this quarter. This didn’t exactly go over well, as you might imagine, but I would have never done it if I didn’t believe she could do it (and if I wasn’t willing to help).

This post, however, isn’t actually about that; it is actually about a brief comment she made when we were discussing it. In passing, probably without even thinking much of it, she mentioned that it was “embarrassing” to be practicing in the gym when she couldn’t do a single pullup. This took me aback. No one should ever be embarrassed about working towards a goal, no matter where you’re at in your progression towards that goal. It doesn’t matter whether anyone is watching, or what they think. The people you care about will only give you respect.

Set some simpleSMART Goals, and show up; never be embarrassed about bettering yourself.

In case you were wondering, I was repaid in kind with my name on the very same board for one muscle-up.

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