The Creation of ALiVE : Uprising

Update (08 October 2015)


I’ve completed the foundation of the tutorial! Find it all at


I’m currently working on re-creating an old asymmetric warfare mission that I built for the Black Sh33p, this time using ALiVE to make it much larger and more dynamic. The mission is called Uprising. In parallel with actually building the mission, I’m writing an in-depth tutorial on learning and mastering ALiVE. You can find all the details here:

The tutorial is broken up into multiple posts, each covering a different section of the building process. So far I’ve written:

  • an overview of the vision for Uprising
  • a familiarization page that points out some great ALiVE documentation and the order in which I recommend reading things
  • a quick article about the base mission I always use when creating any ALiVE mission (this post will evolve over time as I add more commonalities)
  • a tutorial on adding an Occupational force that seeks to secure and defend high-value objectives

In the future, I’ll be adding:

  • a tutorial on adding an Asymmetrical force that conducts ambushes and recruits civilians
  • a tutorial on adding an Invading force that looks to overrun as many objectives as it can as quickly as possible
  • a tutorial on incorporating a dynamic civilian population
  • a tutorial on incorporating some of ALiVE’s great multiplayer aspects like helicopter insertions

Stay tuned over the next week or two for the rest of the pieces.

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