By day, I am a senior software engineer for 360 Cloud Solutions, where the majority of my projects involve writing JavaScript applications and integrations for businesses. We follow a personalized version of the Scrum methodology, and to streamline our processes we utilize a suite of Atlassian applications, of which I am a massive fan. Fortunately, this is not a job application, so I can spare all of us a recitation of my resume.

Code is Poetry

I am a firm conformist to coding standards and best practices. For the more aesthetic or academic readers, I believe that code is poetry, and nearly all poetry is written using common, repeatable structures and patterns. For the practical readers, this simply means I can set up tools, formatters, and templates that write all of those tedious pieces of code with a few simple keystrokes, which allows me to get to solving the real problems much quicker.

Undoable Things

Sometimes to a fault, I believe that there are only problems that have not been solved yet. A fantastic way to get on my bad side is to confront new issues by saying, “We can’t do that” or “That can’t be done” or similar nonsense without doing a hint of research. I’m sure there are several Chicken Soup or Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes that I could insert here, but I’m quite confident that Yoda said it best: “Do. There is no try.” There is always a solution and often more than one; finding those solutions simply requires time and a willingness to explore.


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